October 2020

launch of an electronic system of Competition applications (online application forms)

4-5 May 2021 

preliminary round in Warsaw organized for the candidates from Poland (holders of the Polish citizenship or the Polish Ethnicity Card).
The preliminary round is not obligatory; the Polish candidates may alternatively submit their applications according to the procedures stipulated in sections 10-12 of the Rulebook. The candidates from the piano category are required to perform the entire programme of Stage I of the Competition, pursuant to Annex A (attached to the Rulebook), not exceeding 20 minutes of musical presentation. The candidates from the chamber ensemble category are required to perform the programme from Stage I, pursuant to Annex B (attached to the Rulebook), not exceeding 20 minutes of musical presentation; performance of individual movements will be accepted. The candidates wishing to take part in the preliminary round should submit their applications by filling in e-forms available on the website of the Competition: pianists and chamber ensembles.

31 May 2021

deadline for submission of Competition applications

17 June 2021

announcement of the list of Competition qualifiers on the website of the Competition; the qualified candidates will also be informed by e-mail

11-17 September 2021

organisation of the Competition at the Artur Malawski Podkarpacka Philharmonic Hall in Rzeszów

18 September 2021 

Prize Winners Concert and official award ceremony

20 September 2021

repeat performance of the Prize Winners Concert at the National Philharmonic Hall in Warsaw